Ciao everyone! My name's Andrea and I help people becoming fluent in Italian. 

After I have specialised in teaching online and coached hundreds of people, I have created SimplItalian for everyone who wants to become conversational in no time.

Often I meet people who have been studying Italian in schools or courses for long time, sometimes even years and yet they struggle when they face a real life situation. This because most of the language courses are still grammar-centred, with lists of words and verbs to be memorised and repeated without a logic pattern and without proper application. Listening and repeating are most of the time neglected, that's why people still struggle in the most basic interactions.

If you want to become a linguist, that's totally fine, you can take your time but the majority of people want to become fluent (or at least conversational) quickly, so that when they will be ordering an aperitivo in Piazza San Marco in Venice, they won't feel overwhelmed.

The SimplItalian's goal is to give you all the tools and techniques for achieving that in a simple but effective way.

For example: you won't learn useless lists of words and verbs but you will learn "chunks" of expressions and memorise them through a practical approach.


Write us for the latest info or just to say "ciao" :)

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